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The steel mace paddle swing lunge is like the uppercut lunge except you swing the mace overhead and lock out the front arm. This exercise targets both the lower body and upper body. Progress the movement by performing a forward lunge immediately after the reverse lunge.

Teaching Points

  1. Start with the mace in the hand over grip.
  2. Rotate the mace to one side of the body with the mace head positioned to the rear.
  3. Step back into a reverse lunge on the same side (see lunge guidelines) with the front arm locked out, the back arm can be slightly bent.
  4. Drive down hard through the front heel, squeeze the front glute and step into the standing position.
  5. Simultaneously punch the mace head vertically while driving the other hand backwards.
  6. The front arm will be locked out, the back arm can be slightly bent, and the mace will finish in a horizontal position overhead.
  7. Draw the mace head down the side of the body like you’re rowing a kayak, perform a reverse lunge and repeat the movement.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: The front knee going past the front toe in the bottom lunge position.
Correction: Ensure you flex the back knee and keep the torso vertical.