The Steel Mace Alternating Mill introduces a dynamic twist to the traditional two-handed mill exercise, adding variety and challenge to your steel mace training.

This engaging movement demands coordination, strength, and flexibility as you seamlessly alternate directions with each repetition.

Exercise Instructions:

  1. Start in the front rack position with the steel mace.
  2. Cast the mace laterally, shifting your weight in the opposite direction.
  3. Perform a full swing as the mace goes over the shoulder, maintaining proper form.
  4. Instead of continuing in the same direction, change sides with each repetition.
  5. Ensure your hands go all the way back behind the head for full flexion on the back swing.
  6. Choke up at least 6 inches when casting the mace laterally to prevent hitting your feet.
  7. Keep the triceps in full flexion during the back swing, avoiding any strain on the elbows.
  8. Continue to alternate directions, emphasising smooth transitions and controlled movements throughout the exercise.