Done-For-You Steel Club & Steel Mace Workouts!

Master Club & Mace Training in just 7-Days!

This is a fun movement to add to your training, the steel mace uppercut works the core (rotation and anti-rotation) and the shoulders and arms.

Teaching Points

  1. Start with the mace in the front stack position.
  2. Lift the mace head up so that the mace is positioned vertically in front of the body, the thumb on your top hand (that is closest to the mace head) should be pointing downward. 
  3. Drive your bottom hand upwards and forwards in an ‘uppercut’ action whilst pivoting the back foot and rotating through the hips. The mace will finish parallel to the floor with the handle close to your face.
  4. Immediately perform an uppercut with the hand closest to the mace head, pivot and rotate the hip to generate the power as your drive the mace head vertically.
  5. Return the mace to the vertical position.
  6. Repeat the movement.
  7. Change grips so that both sides are worked equally.

Common Problems & Solutions
Error: Looking around in multiple directions.
Correction: Fix the eyes on an object in front of you and keep the head facing forward.