A lot of women like to tone their loose and flabby arms so that they can wear their sleeveless dresses and look so sexy. This is why so many women are motivated to know various arm toning exercises to help them achieve their goal.

If you’re one of them, you better think again. Once you begin pursuing any kind of workout in toning and sculpting your arms, you have to be determined in doing it from the beginning as soon as you achieved your ideal results. On the other hand, if your motivation for working out is just for your looks, you are probably not going to succeed. You have to be motivated by something that is more important and much deeper than that.

Arm Exercise: Triceps Kikbacks Photo Credit: exercisesandfitness.tumblr.com

Arm Exercise: Tricep Kickbacks
Photo Credit: exercisesandfitness.tumblr.com

In order to tone your arms, you have to lose arm fat and build your muscle. If you would like to lose those flabby arms, it’s hard to get rid of fat only in your arms. Spot reduction isn’t the most effective method to achieve great results in toning the arms. The thing you need is a diet program targeted at shedding weight in your entire body. It’s only when you get rid of those unwanted fats that you could start working on sculpting your arm muscles.

Strength training is extremely beneficial in attaining a nicely-toned arm, particularly if you opt for heavy weights. The heavier the weights you use, much more muscles will be rebuilt. Apart from this advantage, heavier weights will also be good in boosting your metabolic process leading to burning more body fat. On the other hand, when working out your arm muscles, avoid swinging your torso backward and forward to avoid back strain.

Simple weight lifting exercises with the use of free weights such as dumbbells will also be great for toning your arms. These are dumbbell and barbell curls in training your biceps, and tricep kickbacks and close grip bench press for the triceps. Always begin your exercise with a warm-up along with some cardio movements and stretching. This will definitely help you improve flexibility and steer clear of injuries, as well.

Some other exercises that can help tone your arms include push-ups, boxing, chest press, rowing machine and tricep overhead extension. Tricep overhead extension can be done by sitting on a Swiss ball as you hold a dumbbell, and take your arms over your head. If you think that doing push-ups is hard, you can do them on your wall. When working with the rowing machine, it doesn’t only focus on firming your arms, but on your back too. The chest press is another great exercise for arm toning. The good thing about chest press is it could sculpt your arms without making it bulky.

Check out this video from PopSugar Fitness for some exercises to get toned, sexy arms.

5-Minute Sexy, Sculpted Arm Workout

Whatever workout you decide to follow, you have to balance it by having a healthy and well-balanced diet to attain better results. Indeed, exercises will help you increase metabolic process and burn body fat, but when you aren’t also watching your food intake, it will likely be harder to attain results.

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