It’s the holidays when an eggnog here along with a glass of wine there can contribute to a major headache the very next day.  The very last thing anybody wants throughout this busy season will be slowed down through the effects of alcohol hangover.  Here are a few methods to prevent and cure, that fuzzy-headed, dry-mouthed, queasy-tummy morning the day after.

You need to start your preparation right now.  Most of the unwanted effects from alcohol are because of lack of fluids or dehydration.  Any kind of beverage that contains alcohol, from beer to liquor, carries a diuretic effect.  A lot of doctors recommend consuming 8 ounces of water throughout your alcoholic drinks.  This is certainly a helpful advice, but you can begin your preparation much earlier.  The winter season bring a prolonged condition of lack of fluids or dehydration to many because of the dry air, as well as, forced heat that will dry the air much more.  So right now, at this time, start consuming more water.  If you feel thirsty, you’re definitely behind in your intake of water.  Therefore, the best thing to do is to increase your daily intake of water; it helps correct this severe dehydration and reduce a number of a hangover’s effects.  A lot of holiday festivities are impromptu, so being well-hydrated always provides you with a benefit.  Furthermore, it’ll minimize your appetite to help prevent a number of those undesirable holiday weight gain.

Obviously, the most effective method to avoid a hangover would be to avoid consuming alcohol totally.   Photo Credit:

Obviously, the most effective method to avoid a hangover would be to avoid consuming alcohol totally.
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Moreover, try to add a daily intake of your multivitamin, particularly an ingredient with increased B vitamins.  There’s some information that signifies B vitamins help to absorb a few of the alcohol byproducts, tending to help make the hangover much shorter in duration.  In either case, making the most of your amounts of minerals and vitamins are only able to improve your state of health and energy.

If you choose to consume alcohol, obviously, limit your intake.  For individuals who are responsive to the consequences the following day, stick to the above regimen of changing water with the alcoholic drink.  One other good option is club soda that has a squeeze of lime, it serves as water, and no one knows you’re refraining from alcohol.  The liquors, such as tequila and vodka, have shown to create less hangover effects compared to its darker counterparts such as rum and bourbon. Eating prior to consuming alcohol, as well as, continuing to snack when drinking may also help relieve a number of your hangover symptoms.

When you go home, drink 2 glasses of water before you go to bed.  This will serve two reasons.  Best of all, it will help avoid much more dehydration.  Next, if you have to get up early, a full bladder is much more effective compared to alarm clocks at persuading you out from your cozy, warm bed.  If your stomach isn’t hypersensitive, take 2 aspirin before going to bed to prevent headaches the next morning.

The next morning opt for some juice plus some strong coffee to boost your senses.  There’s literature to point out that toast with honey and cooked eggs might be of great benefit.  On the other hand, these aren’t total cures; therefore, if the idea of honey or eggs will make you nauseous, they’re better to avoid.

Keep on consuming plenty of fluids during the day, substituting water with juice.  A hot cup of noodle soup provides you with an instant dose of sodium, which helps to maintain much more of those fluids you’re partaking.

If you want to know more foods that will help alleviate your holiday hangovers, watch the video.

What to Eat For a Hangover

While the following tips can help alleviate the hangover symptoms, they don’t affect the quantity of alcohol you absorb.  Therefore, it is definitely much better to practice moderation rather than pay the negative effects the following day.  And try to, get a safe and secure ride home.

Obviously, the most effective method to avoid a hangover would be to avoid consuming alcohol totally.  Despite the fact that alcohol makes lots of people feel sleepy, sleep is really less regenerative; therefore, they get up less rejuvenated. So, it is much better to avoid drinking too much.

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