Adopting a pre-made workout routine from the magazine, book or even website works well and provide you with positive results. Nevertheless, most of the time, these kinds of programs are quite common, and not designed for you as an individual. They might consist of exercises that you simply cannot do, or they might require that you exercise a lot of times each week or perform extra-long workout routines that you just can’t squeeze into your schedule. By finding out how to personalize your workout routines, you will get the best of both worlds – an expert plan customized for your personal needs and goals.

Match the plan along with your schedule for you to stick to it consistently. Photo by:

Match the plan along with your schedule for you to stick to it consistently.
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Selecting a Plan

Start with a ready-made plan to ensure that you do not begin right from scratch. Unless of course you have been working out for a long time and is familiar with your body very well, basing your training on a proven routine is a much better option than making your own. Select one that matches with your fitness goals. Moreover, to lose weight, a program centered on conditioning and circuits is the best option to take.

Suitable with your Goals

You might like the style of the program, but think it is not created exactly with the goals you have in mind. For instance, if you are adopting a strength program, but also would like to get rid of body fat, you might want to reduce your lifting volume and keep on with just 2 or 3 basic workout routines, but include more cardio and conditioning work. Also, if you are adopting a muscle-building program but do not have a lot of bodybuilding equipment on hand, you will have to get creative with your workouts and perform more chin-ups, push-ups, as well as, dips.


Match the plan along with your schedule for you to stick to it consistently. In case your plan require you to do 5 weekly gym periods, however, you know you are able to just get there 3times, change it. Just ensure that you do not make any days excessively strenuous, so choose a lighter workout to include to the end of a harder one.


Modify the intensity towards the activities you are doing. While you need to strive, you won’t want to risk overtraining. On days when you lift heavy, you have to stick with intense cardio work on a short duration. Then, if your lifting intensity is lower, and you are not really pushing much, increase your cardio, to maximize your extra energy.

Workout Selection

Modify any workouts that you have to. There might be some exercises that you simply cannot do because of mobility issues or perhaps past or current injuries, so change them with the same types. For instance, lots of people have a problem with squats. If they are in your workout plan, and also you have a problem with them as well, plus there is no harm in replacing them with lunges, split squats or other lower body workout. The same applies to cardio. If you cannot sprint because of injury-prone knees, replace running for swimming or cycling.

Here’s a video to learn more about planning your workout for maximum gains.

How to Plan Your Workout Plan for Optimal Gains

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