Sled Training Benefits

A lot of people have problems in gaining their body back after they have given birth and Kim Kardashian is one of them. Kim Kardashian is still enjoying herself as a new mom, but her fitness trainer already has prepared her post-baby body workout plan and it is intense as you would expect!

Gunnar Peterson will help the reality star back in shape, and he also opened up on the intense methods he wants to employ.

Peterson says that one of the key elements of Kim’s exercise regime will be “sled-training” that means pushing a 200-pound metal sled up and down a 90-foot track.

Kim Kardashian's Pre-Baby Physique Photo Credit:

Kim Kardashian’s Pre-Baby Physique
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We enjoy using sleds for a lot of reasons and the clients are fond of using something totally new and different. You won’t get this in the gym, which is why they keep coming back to Boot Camp Sydney training sessions because we are different and FUN.

Here are some of the benefits of sled training:

Offers Variety

Working out in the gym to improve power and strength can be boring, so exercising outdoors with the sled offers a challenging workout. At Boot Camp Sydney, we love and enjoy the great outdoors, the environment is our gym.

Improve Size of Muscle (Hypertrophy)

Using heavy weights, muscular growth could be stimulated. This could be an excellent option to indoor weight training. In addition, these workouts will definitely release high androgen levels, thus promoting growth of muscle.

Builds Up Functional Strength

Sled work has to do with several joints and muscles over functional movements. The legs and arm work with each other to synchronize movement, and also core activation is essential to stabilize the body for the reason that the limbs exert pressure on the sled and training surface. Boot Camp Sydney enjoys functional workouts; this is the reason why we utilize the sled mostly in personal training and group fitness sessions.

Sled Training

Sled Training

Loosing Unwanted Weight

Working out with a sled can also help you in losing those unwanted weight. To make this happen, you can do sprint, perform circuits or perhaps walk using the sled for around 30-60 minutes. We add the sled into our group training sessions to help you shed that extra weight.

Here’s an account from Sadie Whitelocks of Mail Online regarding Kim Kardashian’s workout regime.

Kim Kardashian’s Post-Pregnancy Workout Plan

“Kim Kardashian’s longtime personal trainer has revealed the unusual and grueling exercise method she will be using to shed her baby weight.

Los Angeles-based fitness expert Gunnar Peterson, who also counts Halle Berry and Sofia Vergara among his clients, told MailOnline that he will be making the new mom push a 200-pound metal ‘sled’ up and down a 90-foot track.

The workout involves her standing behind the apparatus with both hands on the handlebars and driving it forward to generate speed. This motion apparently helps to strengthen the core and tighten the glutes.”

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Keep in mind that a regular exercise routine along with a balanced diet is the greatest way to go over it. Gaining back your original body shape post-pregnancy is among the best ways to have total satisfaction from your life being a happy and healthy new mom.

If you would like to know how to lose weight fast, then Boot Camp Sydney is your best choice. You don’t only have a great workout regimen, but we also set up a diet program that you can use on your fitness goals. Visit site here.