Diet Fact: Man Does Not Live on Lettuce Alone (But On Every Nutrient Food Groups Give)

It’s all over the internet that Beyonce Knowles lost 60 pounds for her Superbowl stint early this year by doing the lettuce diet.  The media skirted around and resorted to featuring other influential celebrities such as Beyonce doing the same diet Hathaway didn’t want to talk about.

A Lettuce Diet is not a complete Diet. Your body needs other nutrients, too.

A Lettuce Diet is not a complete Diet. Your body needs other nutrients, too.

This is not an anti-lettuce blog; in fact, lettuce has been highly recommended among the greens in practically all kinds of diet plans created by nutritionists around the world. It’s rich in potassium, fibre, vitamin C and Iron. It’s a nutritious leafy vegetable but those are not the only nutrients your body needs.

The lettuce diet is otherwise known as the “Rabbit diet”; ironically, lettuce is not the only food rabbits eat, so it being their diet would be politically incorrect. Even rabbits need nutrients other than what lettuce has to offer. It’s safe to conclude that it goes the same for human beings, too.

If you’re updated on fitness and nutrition, you’d know by now that some of the latest diet plans involve 5 small meal portions, healthy snacks and cheat days. There are cheat days because the need to lose weight must not deprive anyone of enjoying some really good food. The secret to a good diet is not deprivation, but regulation.

Lettuce is filling and since it’s low in calories and has no cholesterol while it being nutritious, it’s been recommended by many nutritionists as part of well-balanced diet plans; diet plans that include lean mean, nuts, grains, beans, fruits, and all sorts of other vegetables. Instead of giving in to cravings outside the meal schedules, dieters are advised to munch on some lettuce leaves and greens. Lettuce is a good fill-in for these moments. This is probably where the concept of the lettuce diet evolved from.

While it seems to have helped stars like Beyonce and Demi Moore lose weight, it must be noted that they go through their fitness and diet plan with an abundance of guidance from certified nutritionists, fitness and medical experts; and only for a given period of time.

The danger of having misguided teenagers tuning in is that they’d determinedly practice the habit of eating just lettuce for an unspecified length of time. This will cause them malnutrition, or worse, they may be setting themselves up for serious eating disorders. publishes a story on how Beyonce prepared for her concert at the Superbowl early this year:

CC BY 2.0 Generic

CC BY 2.0 Generic

The singer’s fitness trainer, Marco Borges, told Life & Style how the 31-year-old mother got back in shape after gaining 60 pounds when pregnant with Blue Ivy, who turned one year old on Jan. 7.

“Consistency is the key to success,” Borges said. “I love running-spring intervals for quick cardio sessions and also…running stairs.”

Borges also said that eating one vegan meal a day helped Beyoncé lose the weight from her pregnancy.

If you’re thinking of going for the lettuce diet, then, be prepared also to go through the discomforts of diarrhea, gas and bloating as they go hand in hand with this diet trend.

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