So many people are envious of Hollywood stars. These famous celebrities should maintain their physiques to guarantee they’re on the big screen and the fact that they have created their own individual fitness regimen.

Among these celebrities is Chuck Norris. One good reason why Chuck Norris is famous all over the world is due to his physique and strength. Even though he is over 70 years of age, Norris is in much better shape as compared to a lot of people that are half his age. If you’re not satisfied with how you look, you can do something about it just by checking out how Chuck Norris’ works out.


This workout is perfect for hitting your chest. Moreover, it greatly benefits your triceps and lats. Although it can be done using a cable, if you opt for free weights, you will be able to do it using a barbell or some dumbbells. To perform a pullover, lie down on your back. As soon as you pick the weight you prefer, stretch out your arms up and at the rear of your head. With a controlled movement, take the weight or cables above your head to in front of your face.

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Chuck Norris Doing The Pullover Workout
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Seated Row

This is a great cable workout. This enables you to strengthen your back. Start by sitting down and face the cables you want to pull. Keeping the body steady, pull the cable back till you feel your shoulders muscles come together. For maximum results, ensure that you make use of controlled and slow movements.

Watch the video where Chuck Norris demonstrates his triceps workout routine.

Chuck Norris Tricep Workout Routine


Hollywood personality’s workout routines and diet programs can probably get you in shape, but they will require dedication and commitment just like any other type of fitness regimen. If you want to work out effectively, you simply cannot just follow your favorite star’s workout routine or diet program. On top of that, what work effectively for their metabolism might not be suitable for you.

Rather, concentrate on the look you prefer using a customized workout program, not just a typical Hollywood fitness routine.

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