There’s a misconception that to get fit and keep in shape, you will need expensive equipment. But, are you aware that you can lose weight and burn fats just by doing a workout on the stairs? Simply by making use of the stairs at your own home or any stairs, you are able to tone your lower body and have a good cardio workout which is a lot better than your usual treadmill workout.

While lots of people think about stair workouts, they typically visualize running up and down the stairs for anaerobic fitness. On the other hand, stair workouts can handle whatever fitness goals you can imagine.  Stairs is known to boost strength, energy, conditioning, and flexibility without using any equipment, aside from your body. A lot of people make use of dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and heavy vests which are also great exercises on stairs.

Workouts on the Stairs

Workouts on the Stairs

A stair workout is the best way to enhance your overall levels of fitness as well as lose weight. Stair workouts can be performed on any stairs at home, in a hotel when traveling, on stairs at the local park or even in the bleachers at a nearby school.

Walking along the staircase can be a good low-impact exercise. It all depends on how long you go along the stairs; it could be either anaerobic or aerobic. There are various workout routines that you can do with the steps and all of these are effective in working your lower body, as well as your overall core strength. These are also great for stretching and toning your abdomen and lower body. All these exercises are essential if you are planning to get your body fit or simply just want to have an added boost of power on your lower body.

Moreover, these workouts are great for people who have an injury in their back and are struggling to handle the strain of strength training but would want to get fit and stay in shape. Stair exercises don’t put a lot of pressure on the body like strength training does, so it is much safer than using weights.

Some of the stair workouts offered at Dangerously Fit include:

  • Stair Lunges
  • One leg hops
  • Side-to-Side Lunges
  • Skaters
  • Power hops
  • Reverse Lunges and more…

Here’s a video guide to help you get started…

Switch Up a Stair Workout With These 5 Exercises 

you can also change your exercise routine by just increasing the speed where you work out and the number of repetitions or sets you do. As this certain workout combines muscle strength and cardio together, you may try to do it again, 2 or 3 times a week to provide your body some energy and strength.

Word of caution: Just like any workout routine, at all times have an effective and safe warm-up, with at least 6-8 minutes. After your warm-up, make sure you stretch, assuring you include the muscles used in this type of workout.  If at any time, during this workout session, you feel dizzy or faint, take a break, breathe in and out, drink plenty of water, and allow your body to get used to before doing it again. You might not be familiar with this kind of workout — and it is absolutely on the intense and rigorous side —  so increase the intensity slowly and gradually to the level you are after. Stay safe, enjoy yourself and have fun.

Tired of not achieving the results you desire and you are thinking of getting into good shape by employing various workouts such as stairs workout and any other types of exercises, register now at Dangerously Fit today!