Yoga is an excellent fitness discipline for strength, toning, flexibility as well as for relaxation. With its great flexibility, the TRX suspension trainer is a good match with yoga and gives great support to suit more advanced moves.

Troga is a form of yoga developed recently. It is a combination of TRX and yoga. TRX is a strength training that uses webbing and ropes, which are attached to the ceiling. It is developed by Lucas, a former rugby league player, who’s been teaching yoga in the last 5 years. Body weight plays a huge role in Troga because it works as a resistance while working on it.

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TRX and Yoga Combined
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Troga incorporates aspects of Bikram and Ashtanga yoga with the basics of TRX. Yoga poses, which are usually performed as mat exercise, are now mixed with stretch bands. Moreover, downward dog can be performed with both legs in the straps. Side plank has a different meaning once your legs are hanging up.

Troga is gentle on joints and utilizes ab muscles. Any injury won’t be very important to perform Troga.

Yoga will make an individual more movable and agile while TRX which is a fusion of strength and aerobics exercise, thus Troga providing a complete set of workout.

Check out this TRX Yoga Fusion video workout and try the moves. It is a great workout routine for flexibility, balance and core stability. Give it a try and enjoy!

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