Why Women Need To Exercise Their Arms Early

Many women are afraid of ending up bulky but Dangerously fit founder, Dan Clay says in his E-book, Weight Loss Secrets, not to be afraid of building muscles when you exercise because when you build muscles is when you get lean and toned.

The fitness expert and author assures women of the fact that “Women only have about 1/10th the amount of testosterone men have the hormone responsible for building muscle.” There’s no need to worry about ending up looking like female Johnny Bravos.

Women Exercising Their Arms Will Not End Up Looking Like Female Johnny Bravos

Women Exercising Their Arms Will Not End Up Looking Like Female Johnny Bravos

Female celebrities with great arms are Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston and Gwen Stefani. Recently, Shape magazine named Ashley Greene of Twilight fame as having one of the best arms inHollywood. Greene works out her arms using Personal Trainer, Tracy Anderson’s method.

The earlier you start working out your arms, the better your chances are in keeping them slim and lean as you grow older. Doctor Bairey Merz, medical director of the Women’sHeartCenteratCedars-SinaiMedicalCenterinL.A.tells in an interview with WebMD.com that women at 50 are most likely to show flabs under their arms compared to 30-year olds.

Having flabs under your arms as you grow older is a result of Sarcopenia or the loss of muscle mass and connective tissue that happens as you age. Madonna and Michelle Obama were able to keep their arms looking the way they do because of years of consistent training and exercise.

Another thing to consider is that older women have less estrogen responsible for building muscle tissues. This means that it would be harder for older women to catch up on building up muscles and toning the arms than younger women. They have to double their efforts in working out.

Building up your arms and strength is as important for women as it is for men. Women also have tasks that are challenging and demanding a certain amount of physical strength in the upper body.

Here’s an excerpt on one of the articles about arm exercises on WebMD.com. You can read more about it here.

Having toned arms from exercise are definitely great in tank tops and sleeveless cocktails but they also go a long way in the physical demands of everyday.

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