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6 Week Body Challenge Starts 21st September

Finally…. spring is here and we have 9 months of sun, sea and boot camp to look forward to.  

If you’re like most people you took a few months off training through winter coz its ‘dark’ and ‘cold’…  

…and maybe you packed on a few kilos?  

Well… it ain’t dark or cold anymore and if you want your beach body in time for summer it’s time to get back into training!  

… And to help you get you there as fast as possible we’re running another 6 Week Online Body Transformation Program commencing September 14th.  

It’s 6 weeks of no-nonsense fat burning workouts that will quickly get you back into killer shape… and it’s FREE to all Dangerously Fit members (if your’e on a 3 month membership) and $249 to DF non-members. 

If you’ve packed on a few kilo’s over winter and need something that really works… then this is the program for you! 

Last year the response to our 6 Week Challenges was incredible and we’ve already sold half the spots for our Spring Challenge, so if this is something you would like be part of make sure you secure your spot today before we sell out. 

E-mail admin at, register online at for more information.