Congratulations to our 6 Week Body Transformation winner Stafford Hamilton. Stafford lost an amazing 10.7 kilo’s and 15cm round his waist in just 6 weeks!

Check out Staffords story below….

I didn’t really know what to expect from Boot Camp, I was worried that it was going to be people shouting at me, a bit like high school Physical Education classes, I wasn’t sure how a group fitness environment was going to work for me.

Since being diagnosed with a serious illness 3 years ago, I had got totally out of the habit of working out, My weight had crept up and I had lost motivation to do anything about it. My diet was awful, eating all the wrong things and drinking over 2 liters of soft drink a day. My best friend encouraged me make a change and we both joined Dangerously Fit.

I lost a total of 10.7 kilos during the 6 week body transformation challenge. I lost over 15 cm round my waist which was where I carried most of my excess weight, and have rediscovered my 6 pack, as well as reducing fat and toning up everywhere else. My fitness levels increased dramatically.

The trainers and training sessions at Dangerously Fit are amazing, they challenge you to do you best, in a supportive encouraging environment, and the support doesn’t end at the end of the session, the online support and nutritional advice each week with the weekly food diaries was instrumental to my success. And the motivation I got each week from my fellow participants in the challenge was amazing, to work out with motivated people is amazing.

I couldn’t be happier, I look and feel the best I have for years, my diet has improved dramatically and I’ve finally kicked my soft drink habit. I’m totally motivated to continue on with my fitness journey with the Dangerously Fit crew.

Here’s some of the cool prizes Stafford won.

  •  Dangerously Fit Boot Camp: 1 Year Membership VALUE $2364
  • Armed & Dangerous: Free fitness pack including a kettlebell, boxing gloves, quick wraps & speed rope VALUE $150
  • Awaken: FREE Kinesiology, Aromatherapy or Hawaiian massage VALUE $120
  • Bondi Massage: FREE sports massage or reiki session VALUE $50
  • FREE Dangerously Fit t-shirt VALUE $45

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Train Hard!

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit