Dan here from Dangerously Fit.

It’s been a while!

I’ve been quietly working hard on some awesome new courses and training tools we’ll be launching very soon!

But first… It’s been a really busy couple of months so I went to get you caught up with some of the latest updates and announcements at Dangerously Fit.

The state borders closures seem to be finally easing so we’re scheduling more live events in the coming months.

Last weekend, I was is Adelaide with an awesome bunch of trainers for our Level 1 and Level 2 kettlebell certification.

And, we have 3 more courses scheduled in Australia soon.

Numbers are strictly limited so if you would like to attend be sure to enrol before we sell out, click here to secure your spot.

I’m happy to announce that all of our Dangerously Fit short courses are now accredited with Fitness Australia, FITREC and NZ REPS.

Plus… we’re in the process of getting accredited with EREPS.

We’ve also packaged our cutting edge unconventional training courses into the new ‘International Functional Strength Coach’ certification, click here for more information.


The NEW Dangerously Fit Aqua Bag will be arriving in Australia mid-May and to celebrate we’re running a pre-order sale of 33% off.

Normally $149 – Buy today on pre-order for ONLY $99 and SAVE $50!

Stock is strictly limited so its first come first serve.

Secure your Aqua Bag today at 33% OFF and we’ll have it sent to you as soon as it lands in Australia.

steel club

“The clients love it – partially because it’s something different and because, well, it’s also slightly dangerous. No pun intended :).”

I’ve started to train select clients with Clubs, and Mace work. It’s so good to include these new skills in what I have to offer as a personal trainer.

We’re incorporating some fundamental movements into programming. The clients love it – partially because it’s something different and because, well, it’s also slightly dangerous. No pun intended :).

In all seriousness, they can see the benefits with the challenges of offset and hip hinge type movements. I’m hoping they love it mainly because I’m so enthusiastic about the benefits I’ve personally experienced:

My grip strength has exponentially increased.

My mid/upper back and shoulders are stronger (which was what interested me in this type of movement in the first place)

Much more aware of activating supporting upper and lower body muscles before lifting, swinging, or moving anything unstable above my head.

I could go on further, but in summary these courses have been invaluable – thanks again.

Deborah Layton