The Aqua power bag military press is the foundation for all vertical pressing movements. The key when pressing the Aqua Bag overhead is to actively engage the lats on the press, then at the top again engage the lats to pull the bag back down to the body.

Teaching Points

  1. Clean the Aqua bag into the rack position.
  2. Keep your core braced, glutes tight and feet rooted to the floor.
  3. Engage the lats and press the Aqua bag vertically, keeping the forearms vertical and the wrists fixed throughout.
  4. Straighten the arms, stabilise the shoulder and contract the triceps so the arms are straight, put your head ‘through the window’ at the top of the movement.
  5. Engage the lats and lower the Aqua bag down under control and pull it back into the ‘racked’ position.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: The Aqua bag being in front of the body at the top of the movement.
Correction: Put ‘your head through the window’ as you lock out your arms.