Figure of 8’s is a power exercise that is excellent for challenging the core. Use a microphone grip to lessen the torque going through your wrist flexors. This is another very effective for building rotational and anti-rotational core strength, simple draw the number 8 with your hands as you move the undulations all the way through to the anchor point.

Teaching Points

  1. Grab the battle rope by the ends in a microphone grip.
  2. Slightly hinge the hips, keep a neutral spine, brace the core muscles, and keep your eyes fixed on the anchor point.
  3. Drive the rope upwards to shoulder level at a 45-degree angle, then draw the number 8 with your hands bringing the rope down to hip level at the bottom.
  4. Perform the exercise for time or reps then repeat the movement going in the opposite direction.
  5. Match your breath to your movement, get into a rhythm.

Common Problems Solutions

Error: Only moving the rope in one direction.
Correction: Remember to work both side in balance for time or reps.


Kneeling figure of 8’s
Seated figure of 8’s