Battle ropes are an excellent training tool for group exercise and boot camps.

When I ran boot camps, I’d train 60-70 people with just 5-6 battle ropes.

On each rope was a team working together competing against the other teams, for the team to finish the workout everyone had to work together as a team.

One of the workouts consisted of having 10-12 people per rope in Indian file running carrying the rope, then on a call the person at the back would sprint to the front.

Every few minutes we’d stop and perform some basic strength exercises such as squats, lunges, presses, sit ups and push ups or find a killer hill for some sprints (done with the rope).

Oftentimes we’d finish the workout with a tug of war competition between the teams.

These workouts were fun, engaging and built a sense camaraderie with my boot camp members.

Partner training can also be fun if your training small groups and pairs, or, if you don’t have somewhere to anchor your rope.

Experiment with various the waves, pulling and pressing exercises that have been covered in this course. Have one person on each end of the rope and try some of the following:

1) Tsunami exercises.
Waves, grappler toss, sidewinders etc.

2) Pulling exercises.
With one partner pulling and the other offering resistance.

3) Pressing exercises
Both performing pressing movements together ensuring the rope stays off the floor.