Battle Rope Tsunami Wave exercises involve gripping one end of the rope with two hands with the other end of the rope anchored, this creates a rope that is twice the length of classic battle rope exercises. Having this extra length of rope requires more power to move the wave all the way through to the anchor point.

Teaching Points

  1. Grab one end of the battle rope with both hands.
  2. Slightly hinge the hips, keep a neutral spine, brace the core muscles and keep your eyes fixed on the anchor point.
  3. Drive the rope upwards to shoulder level, then at the top of the movement forcefully slam the ropes towards the floor.
  4. Keep the elbows tucked in to the ribs and repeat this movement quickly to create a fluid motion.
  5. The smaller your waves the faster the undulations move through the rope, the larger your waves the slower the undulations are sent through the rope.
  6. Inhale during the upward phase and exhale during the downward phase.

Common Problems Solutions

Error: Not generating enough force to create a wave that reaches all the way to the anchor point.

Correction: Move closer the anchor.


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