Lateral movement whilst performing waves adds another plane of motion to your exercises. If you’re performing waves, your arms are working in the sagittal plane whilst your legs are moving in the frontal plane. Battle rope alternating lateral lunge waves are an effective full body exercise with the waves targeting the upper body and the lunges hitting the lower body.

Teaching Points

  1. Stand with your feet positioned wide.
  2. Grab the battle rope by the ends of the rope in a handshake grip, don’t grip the battling rope too tightly otherwise you’ll fatigue the forearm muscles.
  3. Keep a neutral spine, brace the core muscles, keep the torso upright and eyes fixed on the anchor point.
  4. Drive one end of the rope upwards to shoulder level while you simultaneously drive the other arm downwards towards the floor to hip level.
  5. Lower your hips into the side lunge position keeping your trailing leg straight, go as low as your form allows.
  6. Stay in the low lateral lunge position and shift your weight from side to side.
  7. Match your breath to your movement, get into a rhythm.

Common Problems Solutions

Error: Bending both knees during the lunge.

Correction: Keep the trailing leg straight.


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