Battle Rope Plank Waves can be performed in various positions working different planes of motion. The battle rope adds variety to the traditional plank and adding a dynamic element to the exercise makes holding the static position even more challenging.

Teaching Points (Plank wave)

  1. Set up in a push up position sideways to the anchor point.
  2. Keep the core braced and glutes squeezed ensuring there is a straight line running up from the heels, hips and shoulders.
  3. If your left side is closest to the anchor point reach under the body with your right arm and grab one end of the rope, the other end of the rope will remain on the floor.
  4. Perform waves with the rope while trying to keep the hips closed and neck in alignment with the spine.
  5. Perform the exercise for time or reps.
  6. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

Common Problems Solutions

Error: Hips sagging.

Correction: Keep a straight line between the heels, hips and shoulders. Ensure the core is braced and glutes are squeezed.

Plank wave
Plank side wave
Plank front wave
Side plank wave