Battle Rope Hop Waves are a killer leg exercise, if possible, try to keep the hips down low throughout the movement to really work the quads and glutes. Just like the forward lunge you’ll need to produce more force the closer you move to the anchor point, take 3-4 hops forward, then 3-4 hops backwards.

Teaching Points

  1. Grab the battle rope by the ends of the rope in a handshake grip, don’t grip the battling rope too tightly otherwise you’ll fatigue the forearm muscles.
  2. Lower the hips towards the floor into a squat position, keep a neutral spine, brace the core muscles and keep your eyes fixed on the anchor point.
  3. Drive the rope upwards to shoulder level, then at the top of the movement slam the ropes towards the floor while simultaneously hopping forwards.
  4. After 3-4 forward hops, repeat the movement going backwards.
  5. Match your breath to your movement, get into a rhythm.

Common Problems Solutions

Error: Landing heavy after the jump.
Correction: Be like a spring and absorb the force, land softly. 


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