Battle Ropes

Velocity training is a foundational component of battle rope training. Simply put, battle rope velocity training is the speed and force at which the rope moves (waves).

The speed of the wave can be constant or in changing patterns. Constant waves mean keeping the same speed and consistency, whereas, ‘changing’ means increasing the speed or changing the direction of the wave.

In battle rope velocity training, you have the wave running away from you and down the rope to the anchor point. As soon as the wave reaches the anchor you receive feedback coming back down the rope into your arms through your core and into your lower body, thereby challenging your stability.

Depending on your training goals there are several different types of waves to use:

Speed Waves – Targets the anaerobic system and requires high intensity work but for shorter periods, increases lactate acid threshold.

Endurance Waves – Targets the aerobic system and requires less intensity but for longer periods of work.

Power Waves – The more power produced the greater the velocity effect. This means the more force you send down the rope towards the anchor point, the greater the force you’ll receive when it returns to you requiring an even greater level of stability.

To achieve the greatest benefits with battle rope training, combine speed drills with endurance drills while performing your waves.

Speed: The goal is to challenge the anaerobic system with quick, short bursts of high intensity sets. Keep your work periods under 20-seconds.

Endurance: The goal is to work without rest for up to 20-minutes. This style of workout builds mental fortitude and will vastly improve your muscle endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

A key benefit of using velocity drills is to develop strength and power for prolonged periods of time. Training with these physical and mental demands builds mental toughness and increases the time you can train at a safe level.

Maintaining a high-power output with increasing levels of intensity creates huge increases in work capacity and the capability to sustain optimal performance for extended periods of time.

Unlike most training methods, battle rope velocity training is constant output combining both speed and strength together with no rest or recovery within the movement.

This teaches you how to create velocity, sustain it and greatly increases your lactate acid threshold.

Velocity training is the missing link between strength and endurance. People that are physically strong have no problem moving the rope but oftentimes struggle to maintain that force over prolonged periods of time. On the flip-side, people that have great endurance can sustain longer training intervals but not whilst maintaining both the speed and power output.

This need to combine strength and endurance with constant power output is something unique to battle rope training which serves as an excellent foundation for enhancing athletic performance, no matter your fitness goals. With consistent training anyone can improve their ability to maintain power output for increasingly longer periods of time.