Being out of shape can be the most uncomfortable thing in the world. It basically affects your performances at work, the quality of time you give to your family and your friends, and just about every important aspect in your life. That’s why many people nowadays sign up for different fitness and exercise programs to lose the weight and to get back in shape.

However, oftentimes, these plans don’t last. Results often come slowly, the routines get boring and people lose the drive and motivation to continue on with these programs.  The Balmain Boot Camp tops all other fitness programs and helps you achieve more than just your weight goals.



1. In a Balmain boot camp, everyone is prioritized.

Registration is limited to a number of people, ideally with 1 trainer for every group of 18 participants, so the trainers can carefully and effectively watch over the progress of every single participant in the program.

2.  No boring routines.

One of the main reasons why people give up on fitness programs is that the activities are too routine-based while producing slow and minimal results. In a Balmain Boot Camp, the physical activities are different every single time! There’s a variety of Strength Training and Cardio workouts, Yoga, Boxing and many others that are fun, exciting and motivating. PLUS, it produces amazing results in good time. You not only lose the weight, but your stamina is built up, you lose the bulges and tone up your body and you feel more confident and active than ever.

3. It helps you form a habit of a healthy lifestyle.

The Balmain Boot Camp trains you to adapt and pursue a healthy lifestyle, from your daily physical activities, to the food you eat and to the habits that you take on.

Once you’ve completed 6 weeks of training, your body will have gotten used to the health regimen and will push you in a good way to continue on with the habits that you’ve acquired while you were in the camp. It will encourage you more to continue and complete the program.

4. You will look better, feel better and know better.

The Balmain Boot Camp will help improve your perspective and attitude on fitness and health. We don’t go for fad diets and quick-fix solutions. Everything that you will learn from the training is natural. While you will have lost between 6-10 kilos after 6 weeks, you will also feel better than ever.  Because you know that you look good and feel it, too, your self-esteem will improve and your confidence will increase, allowing you to perform better in all tasks that you take on. Not only that, our trainers will teach you the things that you will need to know and understand to be able to continue on with a genuine fit and healthy lifestyle.

5. The Balmain boot camp will increase your efficiency in your exercise routines.

Many of the physical activities will require you to exert effort beyond what you thought you were capable of; but the trainers will be there to guide you and give you the boost that you need to be able to maximize the benefits of every single activity in the program.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced participant, we have a place for you in the Balmain Boot Camp. You will be assigned in groups that are in the same range of physical capabilities as you, allowing you to train at a pace suitable and beneficial for you.

6There is a reduced risk of physical injuries.

The trainers in the Balmain Boot Camp are all knowledgeable and equipped in the proper techniques and correct exercise progressions. All activities are properly planned, scheduled and executed.

7. The Optimum Nutrition Plan

The Balmain Boot Camp implements an Optimum Nutrition Plan created by Rachel Jones, a leading nutritionist in Sydney. We give utmost value to your health and nutrition just as much as we give importance to your weight loss and body shape.

8. The Balmain Boot Camp trains all year round.

You can continue the program for as long as you want.

The Dangerously Fit Balmain Boot Camp is the most effective fitness program available for you. We require your commitment and persistence but it’s enjoyable and increasingly motivating as you go on. We guarantee excellent results of weight loss, increased stamina and improved health. There are no better returns that that.

If you would like to try Dangerously Fit Balmain, click here for more info.