Updated: 19th August 2016

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Metabolic Conditioning At Boot Camp Gold Coast

If weight loss is your goal, Boot Camp Gold Coast is the perfect place for you. Because we make sure that weight loss happens and your fitness goal is fully achieved.

One kind of workout method that we incorporate into our bootcamp sessions is the Metabolic Conditioning Training Workout. Metabolic Conditioning combines maximum fat burning Cardio with heavy weight lifting workouts done with little rest in between.

To understand it better, here are the elements of an effective metabolic workout.

Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Crew

Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Crew

Elements Of Boot Camp Gold Coast Metabolic Exercises

1. Metabolic Exercises Engage Large Muscle Groups

Maximum energy exertion is required in metabolic exercises. A clearer description would have your spine loaded and your legs having a certain degree of involvement.

2. Metabolic Exercises Are Done In High Intensity

When you’re doing metabolic routines, you will be breathing hard and sweating profusely because you are only allowed very little time for rest in between sets of heavy lifting. Absence of that may mean that you may not have done it properly.

3. Your Muscles Can Feel Burning Sensations In Metabolic Exercise Routines

If you’re doing it correctly, you will feel the effectiveness of your workout through a burning sensation on your muscles.

Common metabolic exercises include Snatch, Squats, Jump lunges and Jump squats with dumbbells, Hang Clean and Press, Push Press and Deadlifts.

Boot Camp Gold Coast Conditioning Workouts

What are Conditioning Workouts? Conditioning Workouts are combinations of resistance training and aerobic exercises focused on strength building and muscle endurance. Conditioning exercises are done one after another with very short rest intervals.

Conditioning training workouts are advisable when you’re targeting different parts of the body. Examples of Conditioningtraining exercises are push ups, pull ups, sit ups, bench dips and bench lifts.

Metabolic + ConditioningTraining Benefits At Boot Camp Gold Coast

Metabolic Conditioning combines the two very efficient and effective workout methods to maximize fat loss.

Incorporating Metabolic Conditioning Training exercises into your regular fitness program can help you break a plateau as your body will respond to the new sets of workout that it’s introduced to. It has also been proven to be very effective for fat burning purposes as metabolic Conditioningtraining taps on the weight loss benefits of EPOC or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen.

Reaping EPOC Benefits at The Gold CoastBoot Camp

EPOC or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen means that the body continues to burn calories and lose weight long after workout had ceased. EPOC only happens when you’re subject to activities with high levels of intensity.

There are three ways to achieve EPOC: You can do heavy weight lifting, you can cut down on your rest time and the third is to get into aerobic exercises. In Bootcamp Gold Coast Metabolic Training Workout sessions, you will not only lift heavy weights or cut down on your rest time in between, but you can do both on top of aerobic activity.

To give you an example of how a Metabolic Conditioning workout looks like, here are a couple of workout sets put together by celebrity Personal Trainer Julie Michaelson as posted on Muscle and Strength:

Metabolic ConditioningTraining 1

3 sets of Squats done in reps of 10

3 Sets of Kettlebell Swings done again in reps of 10

3 Sets of Bent Over Single Arm Dumbbell Row in reps of 10 for each arm

Metabolic ConditioningTraining Set 2

3 Sets of Romanian Deadlifts done in reps of 10

3 Sets of Bench Presses done in reps of 10

3 Sets of Bent Over Barbell Row done in reps of 10

Both the first and the second set of Conditioning workouts must be done three times.

It’s Safer To Work Out At Boot Camp Gold Coast Than At Home

Although some people do these sets of workouts at home, it is best not to be overconfident about it. Weight lifting exercises are done with extra caution especially if you are a beginner or someone who have only gone through personal training a few times.

Some of these exercises seem easy to do, but just because you can lift a kettlebell, it doesn’t mean that you know the proper way of using it for your workouts.

It is always best to have a certified Personal Trainer like the ones at Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Gold Coast to oversee your workouts so you can avoid acquiring injuries. It is also important to remember to check your heart rate and make sure that you’re working along your fitness level.

Gold Coast Boot Camps will be able to provide you with the appropriate training you need in order for you to perform these workouts in the right posture and position.