Fit-4-Life Founder Kevin Hensel recently released a supposed public service announcement via a video stating that bootcamps are dangerous and do not benefit anyone in their pursuit for fitness.

The lead Cherry Hill Personal Trainer reasons that so many people in their community have signed up for bootcamps but have not experienced any improvement in their health. He says that his company had stopped its bootcamp program a year ago and explained why.

Dangerously Fit Personal Trainers Keep A Sharp Eye On The People Assigned To Them

Dangerously Fit Personal Trainers Keep A Sharp Eye On The People Assigned To Them

re bootcamps really hazardous? Let’s break down Hensel’s reasons for halting his own bootcamp and analyze:

Reasons Why Bootcamps Can Be Dangerous (And Why Dangerously Fit Is An Exception)

1.“In a group setting its impossible to give individualized form corrections…”

Because a bootcamp is a group fitness program, there is more than one person to monitor. There is a tendency for the fitness coach or instructor to miss an individual performing a physical task incorrectly especially if there is only one coach for a very large group.

Dangerously fit bootcamps put the members in groups of 18 people at maximum. This grouping system is based on the fitness capability of the participants and every group is assigned a personal trainer to oversee their workouts.

We can never stress this enough: Personal trainers for bootcamps must be certified. Being certified means you have been tested for your ability to oversee the workout progress of others, both in one-on-one and group settings.

Certified Personal Trainers know that before assigning a participant to a group, he must first look into his medical history, his body statistics, his level of activeness and all factors that determine the level of his fitness capability. He knows the science of all of this and is able to assess properly what exercises the person needs and the progression suitable and applicable for his workout.

A trained and experienced personal trainer keeps a sharp eye on every person in his group and knows better to carefully explain and demonstrate the new workout routines to his team. He doesn’t leave them to figure out the exercises on their own.

What’s more is that he is also trained for emergency situations and can respond to them appropriately and efficiently.

Now, if the bootcamp personal trainer doesn’t have all these qualities, then you’re definitely in for trouble.

2. Inability to “track weekly body measurements”.

A group of 18 is easier to monitor in terms of the progress of their workouts especially if there is a developed system in doing this.

Members of Dangerously fit bootcamps have body measurements done every six weeks, at the six-week body transformation classes.

3. “…and we couldn’t give customized nutritional counseling.”

Dangerously fit encourages all its members to follow the optimum nutrition program created by Sydney’s leading nutritionist, Rachel Jones.

But even then, every member has online access to our personal trainers and nutritionists who take time to answer queries and discuss concerns and anything pertaining to their training.

Here’s the main article on Yahoo! News:

How Bootcamps Can Cause Injury

Hensel also states, “Bootcamps, CrossFit, and similar group training programs are really popular right now because you don’t need any equipment or space and you don’t have to have any qualifications or training to start one. You can make a lot of money working with multiple participants at one time, but poorly qualified instructors, limited exercise variety, little or no nutritional counseling, and no form correction are a recipe for getting injured or quitting.”

This leads us to Hensel’s main reason why he decided that bootcamps are no good.

4. “…you don’t have to have any qualifications or training to start one.”

Dangerously personal trainers are at the highest level of training , experience and capability in the field, holding certificates 3 & 4 in Personal Training, have advanced training in First Aid and are all insured up to $20,000,000 in client liability.

These standards have been set by the company’s founder and fitness expert, Dan Clay which sets apart Dangerously fit bootcamps from its competitors.

To be more objective about it, bootcampscan be considered ill- effective and are likely to cause you damage than benefits if the people handling it are not fully trained and capable of running it. The personal trainers are the heart and soul of these bootcamp programs. What you need to do is to check thoroughly and look for the ones who do have a good track record among their participants, past and present in terms of delivery of results and excellence in the services they offer.

Be trained by the best in Sydney. Sign up with Dangerously fit bootcamps.