Are you searching for effective exercises for your thighs that you can do within the comforts of your home? We’re recently come across a video on personal trainer and New Balance ambassadress, Holly Perkins demonstrating some really cool, butt and thigh exercises on Fit Sugar.


Dangerously fit group personal training at its best

Dangerously fit group personal training at its best

The Best 3 Of Holly Perkins’ Butt & Thigh Exercises

1.Butt Isolator

This workout will help you target your glutes.

With your feet together, position yourself as you would in a squat, as if you’re about to sit and with your knees bent.

For balance, you can stretch out your arms in front of you, with your hands folded together; or you can let them rest on your thighs.

Lift your right leg to the back, taking time to squeeze your butt before putting the feet back down. Do reps of 8.

Shift to the other leg. Remember to stay low on your supporting leg so that its thigh is also getting a workout.

2. Crouching Lunge

We just love this one!
Crouch down on your toes with your hands touching the floor.

Pull your right leg back as a runner would at the starting line; then pull it back to first position. Do the other leg.

3. Reverse Lunge and Kick

This workout is very effective for the inner thighs, as well.

Lower yourself once more in a squat position while balancing yourself with your hands clasped together in front of you or resting on your waist or hips.

Pull your right leg to the back, toward the back of the opposite leg as you would do in a curtsy, then kick to the right, pushing on your heel instead of your toes. Control your leg lift, do not trash it up; then pull back into curtsy. Do in reps of 8 before shifting to the other leg.

For a total body workout, here’s another video featuring celebrity trainer, Holly Perkins:

Personal Trainer Holly Perkins’ Total Body Workout

Personal Trainer Holly Perkins


Let’s first talk about who celebrity trainer Holly Perkins is. She’s been a celebrity trainer for more than 16 years, with no other than Billy Crystal, Howard Stern, Susan Ward and Adrian Grenier for clients.

Being a New Balance endorser, Holly Perkins had come up with the Pink Ribbon Workout Series which featured 3 sets of workouts intended for walkers, runners and for people who participate in Races for the Cure – an event geared to contribute to a research program (Susan G. Komen for the Cure) for causes and treatments for breast cancer.

Personal Trainer Holly Perkins has been featured on respected magazines such as Health and Shape and has even appeared on the pages of The Wall Street Journal. She has been invited to guest in shows such as Good Morning America and ABC 7 Los Angeles.

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