Good session on Saturday at the Tough Mudder workout, we did a good solid hour of strength training before hitting the cardio.

Here’s the workout:

1.  Tornado Ball wall slams
2. Kettlebell clean and press
3. Walking lunges with waterbags
4. Bear crawl with medicine ball
5. Dumbbell push up row with T rotation
6. Reverse powerband sprint with kettlebell attached
7.  Sledge chest press + squat & row
8. Sandbag woodchop throw
9. Battling rope slams with squat
10. Bodyweight row on equalizer bars

1st set 90 seconds
90 second rest
2nd set 60 seconds

Bodyweight/team round
Wall sit and kettlebell press (1st team to 100 reps)
Push up ladders to 7 reps
Sit up snake for 50 metres
Tug o war (best of 3)

300 metre soft sand sprint
300 metre hard sand sprint
Dive into sea and walk 10 metres out
Bear crawl 15 metres out of sea onto soft sand
Repeat – The goal was to complete 10 laps in 30 minutes.

Congratulations to everyone that took part in the workout, it was a bit of a toughie but you all got through it!

Check some pics below…

Tough Mudder Boot Camp
Sledge drags
Bondi Beach Outdoor Training
Wall sit on Bondi wall
Running on Bondi beach