It’s been a crazy couple of months here at Dangerously Fit with lots going on and even more exciting stuff happening soon!
We just finished up our 6-Week Body Challenge on Saturday and as usual we were blown away with the amazing results our DF crew achieved in such a short amount of time.

Congratulations to our winners Carrie and Joel!

The winners in each category were:
1st – Carrie McCafferty lost 7.48 kilos and 9.48% of her bodyweight (green team)
2nd – Rebecca Coleman lost 6.5 kilos and 9.48% of her bodyweight (blue team)
3rd – Emily Strolin lost 5.9 kilos and 7.6% of her bodyweight (blue team)

1st – Joel Harwood lost 13.3 kilos and 15.9% of his bodyweight (red team)
2nd – Alex Manson lost 8.9 kilos and 10.86% of his bodyweight (green team)
3rd – Steve Harvey lost 11.4 kilos and 10.39% of his bodyweight (red team)

So Bart’s Greens, Helen’s reds and my blues each finished with 2 people on the leader board.

This week’s team game was won by the reds. Well done guys you won a DF T-shirt an a pair of quick wraps.

The overall team winners will be counted up and announced on our Facebook page on Friday.

We also have a new record for the Cronulla Sand Dunes with Ches completing 5 laps + circuit in 47.30 mins, smashing the old record by a minute!

Our next big 6-Week Challenge will be kicking off early in 2016, the summer challenge always books out fast so click here to reserve your spot now.

Check out our winners success stories below.

Carrie lost 7.48 kilos and 9.48% of her bodyweight just 6 Weeks!?

Joel lost 13.3 kilos and 15.9% of his bodyweight in just 6 Weeks!

Xmas Party

I know I know it sounds to early to be discussing Xmas but this year we’re having our Xmas party a Xmas Partytad early so we can catch up before everyone takes off on vacation, here’s a note from Killian our CEO (chief entertainment officer).

Great to be back training but more importantly taking my responsibilities as CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) very seriously! Christmas is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate our collective amazing efforts throughout the year than with Dangerously Fit Christmas drinks!  ??A great chance for everyone from all the different camps to get together and unwind!  Expect fitness related drinking games with burpees the punishment – you get the idea!

Save the date of 28th November with more details to follow.
Killian bis






DF CEO (Dangerously Fit Chief Entertainment Officer)


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Helen Kids Training

Our Dangerously Fit Kids fitness program was feature in the Sydney Morning Herald, you can check it out here -> DAN WRONG LINK TO FIX

Week 1

6 Week Body Week 1 Queens Park
Week 2
6 Week Body Week 2 Supa Hills
Week 3
6 Week Body Week 3 Cooper Park Stairway to Heaven
Week 4
6 Week Body Week 4 Queens Park Rope Mania
Week 5
6 Week Body Week 5 The Famous Cronulla Sand Dunes
TM Training Week 1
Tough Mudder Training Week 1 Queens Park
TM Training week 2
Tough Mudder Training Week 2 Supa Hills
TM training Week 3
Tough Mudder Training Week 3 Cooper Park
TM training week 4
Tough Mudder Training Week 4 Queens Park

TM Training Week 5 Tough Mudder Training Week 5 Sand Dunes

TM Training week 6 Tough Mudder Training Week 6 Centennial Park

MortdaleMorty Team at Halloween Mid week Special

Halloween Helen’s boot camp program for Halloween.. Scary!

South Team South Team working the legs

CoogeeDan’s Evil workout ” Spell your name” in Coogee

Domain Domain Team with Bart

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