Great workout on Saturday guys.

We kicked off the Tough Mudder training program in Centennial Park.

We session started with a solid hour of strength training – working all the major muscle groups and movement patterns using sledges, battling ropes, kettlebells, medballs, dumbbells, TRX’s, olympic rings and sandbags.

Check out the workout below:

1. TRX jackknife push ups
2. Single arm kettlebell swings
3. Chin ups
4. Partner sandbag squat and throw
5. Tornado ball russina twist
6. Dumbbell forward lunge squat and press
7. Sandbag dead-lift toss
8. Battling rope waves
9. Sledge run
10. Medicine ball reverse sit up

Then… David our running coach did 500 metre time trials for the remaining hour.

This weeks workout will be soft sand training on Bondi Beach see you there!

Train hard!

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit