Wollongong is no haven for personal trainers.

Illawara Mercury published a story on a fitness group questioning what they deem an unreasonable fee hike of 48% for the use of public grounds for personal training and bootcamps last April 16, and on that very same day, the article had already collected a myriad of angry comments from civilians who are not very fond of the boot camp activities in their community.

Wollongong Personal Trainers Question 48% Fee Hike

Wollongong Personal Trainers Question 48% Fee Hike

Civilians Complain Against Personal Trainers

Going through the comments on the article, here are some of the things that members of the community have been griping about.

According to some, they have been forced off footpaths by groups of boot camp participants doing their morning (or afternoon) runs; while one claims the inability to use the public toilets that are located near the stairways where about 40 to 50 people run up and down, blocking the paths leading to these restrooms.

A few people thought of standing up for what these boot camps stand through logic and reasoning. One pointed out that no one raises any protest against the 40 burly football players training around public areas.

However, nobody in the thread seem to pay any attention to those who see the benefits of having boot camp events in their area other than those who only wanted to find a loophole somewhere in the argument for them to retort to.

Others complain about not having parking areas at the beaches because the participants occupy them. And those who claim to live near these outdoor fitness venues say that the find the fitness groups noisy and inconsiderate. They describe them as yelling, screaming and blocking “everyday people” from access to these public amenities.

Here’s the article in Illawara Mercury that so many people are reacting to:

Wollongong Personal Trainers Raise Brows Against 48% Fee Hike

Savvy fitness, a group personal training program, has been paying their fees for 6 and ½ years without failure or delay.  It has come to their attention that other councils have not raised their fees that at this point, considering the overhead costs and other business calculations, they just want to understand where the money is going and how the fees for fitness groups have been calculated in Wollongong.

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