Have you ever heard of the saying, “anything in excess is bad?” It’s applicable for exercise, too. According to an article in The Sydney Morning Herald, although exercise is not really a drug itself, it has some addictive elements that make a person abuse its limitations.

Is exercise bad? No, in fact exercise is very much beneficial for you. But, there is a proper amount of exercise and a right amount of intensity all based on your biological, circumstantial and medical facts.

Exercising Can Be Addictive

Exercising Can Be Addictive

Micah True, A Story On Exercise Gone Bad

Micah True or Michael Randall Hickman, was a runner known for being one of the most important characters in the book “Born To Run”, a bestselling book authored by Christopher Macdougall.

Micah True went for a 12K run in March 27, 2012. He never came back. Four days later, they found his body, with his legs dangling by the stream. According to the coroner assigned, Micah True suffered a heart ailment.

As it turned out, True had not been consulting with a doctor. He had not been given a warning on his heart condition because no one knew.

Personal training, as simple as it may sound, has its precautions and limitations. A personal trainer needs to know how to translate the numbers (client’s medical records, etc.) into the appropriate and suitable fitness plan for you.  Failing to do so may put your heart and your health in serious trouble.

Here’s an article on E!online about a complaint raised by a young woman against a popular TV show where she participated in an exercise segment:

Exercise Participant Sues Rachel Ray : Read the rest of the article here.

Here’s a list of warning signs that will tell you to stop exercising:

Exercise Red Flags

1. Chest Pain

Having chest pain is one of the biggest red flags in exercise. You are not supposed to experience any chest pain. Stop right away and rest. Contact your physician and make sure that there is someone present to help you just in case. Chest pains are usually related to heart problems.

2. Dizziness and/or Nausea

Dizziness is not always alarming, but it should tell you that you need to stop and take a few minutes to rest. If it recurs, then, perhaps it’s time to pay your doctor a visit. However, nausea is not supposed to happen; so, when it does, it’s a sign that something’s not going well in your activity.

3. Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is usually associated with asthma and other lung problems.

4. Joint or Muscle Pains

This could mean two things: You’ve overworked your body or you’re going about the exercise incorrectly. Stop right away and consider correcting your position.  This is why having a personal trainer around when you work out is strongly recommended, so you can avoid injuries. However, you may also have done too much exercising for the day and your body is already calling out for a timeout.

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