Weight loss comes in different forms for different people. For some, hitting the gym is the way to go while for others, their motivation comes in the form of group outdoor training. There are those who have fallen in love with indoor cycling and those who tap their inner athlete and immerse themselves into sports.

But there is a special group of people who need to retreat from their daily sources of stress and fatigue and deeply dive into a period of weight loss and wellness.  This type is the type that would love to sign up for health and wellness retreat programs.

Weight Loss comes in many different forms for different people.

Weight Loss comes in many different forms for different people.

Fox news listed the top health and wellness retreat programs in the United States and has come up with the most amazing weight loss havens.

America’s Top Weight Loss Resorts

When you go through Fox News list, you’ll be amazed at what these spas and retreats provide, starting off with the Hilton Head Health Weight Loss Spa in South Carolina. Quite a long read for a name, right? But wait till you learn what they offer their clients.

With Hilton’s Weight Loss Spa, the price is a bit steep at $43,700; but it’s a 9 month program that extends from your resort coaching to an additional 24 weeks for home coaching.  And you get to stay in a beautiful, 2 or 3 bedroom condo or you can choose to check into a private room.

The best part about these weight loss resorts are the meals. In Hilton Head Health Weight Loss Spa, you get 1,200-1,400 calorie meals without you having to worry about whether you’re eating right; and don’t you worry, cooking demos are part of the package; you can learn to prepare them when you go back home.

The difference set by Cal-a-vie Health Spa is that there’s this feeling of freedom to choose which fitness program you prefer; and there’s about 130 fitness classes for you to choose from. It’s a more relaxed environment compared to the Hilton’s Head Health Weight Loss Spa. You’re free to go to the lectures or attend the cooking demos.

What sets this health spa apart from the rest is that they have 5 staff attending to a single guest. Your concentration is much more on your fitness, the purpose of your retreat, there are five people taking care of the rest of your worries on your stay.

It also offers a more affordable payment option as you can go for a 3-nighter for $3,995 to as much as checking in for a week for $8,295.

There are other weight loss resorts that offer their own unique service. From Yoga oriented ones to the sights of the canyon.

Here’s a bit about Green Mountain in Fox Run, Vermont as one of those listed in the article on Fox NewsWeight Loss At Green Mountain

Weight Loss Retreats And Spas In Australia

Australia boasts of the same quality of weight loss spas. Examples are the NUYU Weight Loss and Fitness Resort which you can find in two locations: Salt Beach and the Hawkesbury Valley and the Chi of Life Weight Loss and Wellness Retreat in Queensland.

With NUYU Weight Loss and Fitness Resort, you can opt for the day stay for $1,490 a week or you can do a private check in for $2,390.

What they have is really a 4-Week Habit Change program but you can first try the 2-Week kickstart option just to see if it’s something that will work for you. If it does, you have the choice of continuing on for an 8-week complete transformation program.

What’s interesting is their 6 hours a day, six times a week exercise schedule. Doesn’t it remind you of Kate Hudson? It was that kind of rigid personal training sessions that got her down from her post-pregnancy bulges to that hot theatre dance teacher on Glee.

Another one of their selling point would be their flavour-full meals that are not only nutritious, but are also well-balanced and prepared conscientiously to meet calorie standards.

The Chi of Life Weight Loss And Wellness Retreat, on the other hand, is all about positive energy and has a more holistic approach to the wellness of their clients’ body, mind and soul.

Personal trainer Gwen and her team introduce their clients to the adventures of kayaking, windsurfing, Up Paddling, surfing, circus and pool activities.  They make the weight loss process an enjoyable time.

If you can’t file a leave from work, you can join our Dangerously Fit Bootcamp and still have a wonderful workout experience with guaranteed results.