Boxfit Training Exercises at our King George Park Boot Camp

Boxfit Training is big at our King George Park Boot Camp and currently one of the most popular fitness workouts. Men and women find it an enjoyable and very effective means for losing weight and for building muscle, strength and stamina.

Boxfit is a total body workout plan

Boxfit is a total body workout plan

Boxfit training is basically learning the exercises and the combat moves of kickboxing without the contact but reaping its benefits. The combat itself does not make up its entirety; the exercises involved are just as useful as they are effective. Boxfit is a high intensity, full body workout that improves your endurance and cardiovascular activity that works your upper body, lower body and your core.

Upper body Exercises

A participant of Boot Camp King George Park performs a set of push ups.

A participant of Boot Camp King George Park performs a set of push ups.

Two of the upper body exercises that we do in our Boxfit sessions at our King George Park Boot Camp are push ups and bent over rows.

Variants of push ups define varied results.  For instance, a regular push up wherein your arms are directly under your shoulders helps to build the strength and tone your arms, your upper back and your core; while a diamond push up, when your arms are in narrow position and your legs wider apart, targets the triceps and your inner pec.

Bent over rows are exercises done with dumbbells or with a barbell and should be strictly supervised by an experienced trainer to prevent injuries. This warning especially goes for beginners. Unsafe posture can lead to really serious damages to your spine.

The different bent over row exercises are as follows: One-arm dumbbell bend over row, One-arm barbell bend over row, two-arm dumbbell bend over row, and two-arm barbell bend over row.

Some safety measures we apply at our King George Park Boot Camp in performing the bent over rows are keeping the abs tight and maintaining an arch in the back. Both these precautions are to protect the lower back. But the wisest precaution to take is still having a fitness expert around you as you go over this particular workout.

Other exercises we do to build up the upper body are the shoulder presses and the chin ups.

 Lower Body Workouts

Deadlifts and Squats are two of the exercises we do in our Boxfit trainings at the King George Park Bootcamp.  The deadlifts are for the hips, glutes and hamstrings while squats work the quads.

Thrusters is an excellent multi joint exercise

Thrusters is an excellent multi joint exercise

But there’s more to squats than the benefits it’s commonly known for. This humble exercise that makes no use of equipment is very useful for athletes Squats develop the functionality of the legs, allowing more leg efficiency and mobility. It also improves your balance, increases your running speed and helps you jump higher.

Core Exercises

Many people who work out, especially those who lack the proper supervision, have a tendency to take the core for granted, concentrating more in developing their upper or lower body. But the core is vital to the functions of both the upper and the lower body. For one, it’s the essential center of all body movements and power.

Two of the favorite core exercises included in our King George Park Bootcamp Boxfit training are the Russian Twist and Plank Holds.

To do a Russian twist, you must take the sit up position but with your back maintaining a 45 degree angle to the floor. Carefully twist from side to side with your hands locked on your chest and your arms swinging along with your movement. Russian Twists target the abdomen, the lower back and the obliques.

Variations of Plank Holds that we do include the traditional plank hold, side plank, stability ball plank and planks with leg raise and medicinal ball plank. All these work your core stability, balance and strength.

Boxfit Drills

The main Boxfit sessions include pad work and practice combinations of hooks, jabs and upper jabs. It’s not a contact sport but it is social. We have it usually done with a partner and under the supervision of our certified professional trainers.

If you are looking for a fun and enjoyable thorough body workout that will rapidly increase your weight loss, build your muscles and tone your body, joining the Boxfit sessions at our King George Park Balmain Bootcamp just might be the best workout plan for you.

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