Bulgarian bag deadlifts are an important exercise for any training program and is the technique used to pick the bag up from the floor for many Bulgarian bag lifting exercises. 

Teaching Points

  1. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
  2. Place the bag on the floor in front of you resting up against your legs and the main handles pointing upwards.
  3. Hinge at the hips whilst keeping a straight line from crown to coccyx.
  4. Grasp the bag by the main handles.
  5. Inhale into the belly, keep the core braced and spine neutral.
  6. Drive through the hips and squeeze the glutes until your body reaches full extension.
  7. Exhale at the top.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Leaning too far forward
Correction: Sit back on the hips and keep the weight on your heels with your chest facing forwards.

Error: Over extending at the top of the movement.
Correction: Finish the movement with your ankles, knees and shoulder in a perpendicular to the floor.

Error: Losing neutrality through the spine
Correction: Keep your chest up and shoulders back.

Error: Looking downwards
Correction: Look 5-6 feet in front or towards the horizon.


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