Grip strength is one of the most overlooked aspects of many strength training programs, a weak grip will put you at a severe disadvantage in many sports and in every day life. The Bulgarian bag is one of the few tools that will train all 3 types of grip strength.

3 Types Of Grip Strength

1. Crushing.
2. Pinching.
3. Wrist.


Use a crush grip when gripping the main handles, squeeze as tight as you can to stop the bag from slipping through the fingers whist swinging. An MMA fighter or Rugby player will need this type of grip strength.


You can use a pinch grip (or crush grip) when gripping the side handles and top handle. Pinch grip is grip strength through the fingers with fine motor control and is the most overlooked grip strength of the 3, a rock climber would need this type of strength.


The Bulgarian bag is excellent for building support grip strength which is the ability to hold onto something for extended periods of time i.e. holding onto shopping bags.

When performing swinging or spinning with the Bulgarian bag we use intelligent gripping. Intelligent gripping applies maximum tension through the part of the movement where the bag is heaviest, and a very light grip when the bag is at the lightest part of the movement.

This loose, tight, loose, tight tension is used because Bulgarian bag training challenges the wrist flexors like nothing else, if you were to apply maximum pressure for the entire set you would fatigue the grip far too quickly.