The Bulgarian bag lamb swing takes the bag from the floor with the bag positioned just outside of the leg, to the back position using a lateral swing and half spin. The exercise gets its name from the old school Eastern European wrestlers that would carry small farm animals across the back to develop strength, power and endurance.

Teaching Points

  1. Place the bag on the floor in front of you resting up against your legs and the main handles pointing upwards.
  2. With your feet shoulder width apart, hinge the hips and grab the bag by the main handles placing your thumb into the thumb crease, drive your hips forward and stand tall.
  3. Charge your weight to one side and simultaneously swing the bag in the opposite direction keeping your elbows straight, allow the bag to rest on the floor at the bottom position.
  4. Drive your hips forward swinging the bag across the front of the body, keeping your head straight and at the top of the upswing whip your bottom arm around the back of your head like you’re performing a halo and immediately place the bag across the back of the shoulders keeping your elbows pointing forward at the top of the movement.
  5. Reverse the movement by lifting the bag off the shoulders and casting it laterally back into the side swing resting the bag on the floor again.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Moving your head around the bag.
Correction: Keep your head straight at all times.

Error: The bag landing too heavy on the shoulders.
Correction: Knowing how to decelerate the bag is crucial for this movement, slow the exercise down until you’ve mastered the skill.