Play Video about Bulgarian bag pivot snatch

The Bulgarian Bag Pivot Snatch is a fantastic transverse plane exercise that teaches timing, balance and coordination as you generate force from the hips, pivot and transfer the weight from one foot to the other. This exercise develops torque (rotational strength), builds grip strength, core strength, shoulder strength and shoulder stability.

Teaching Points

  1. Place the bag on the floor in front of you resting up against your legs and the main handles pointing upwards.
  2. With your feet shoulder width apart, hinge the hips and grab the bag by the main handles placing your thumb into the thumb crease, drive your hips forward and stand tall.
  3. Keep your core braced, spine neutral and stay tall and strong throughout the movement.
  4. Rotate the hips and charge your weight to one side whilst simultaneously swinging the bag in the opposite direction keeping your elbows straight.
  5. This powerful rotation is driven through the hips, legs and feet. Rotate the hips sharply as you pivot the feet 45 degrees in the direction of the swing.
  6. Swing the bag across the front of the body drawing your elbows high to pull the bag closer to the body, once the bag reaches eye level punch upwards forcefully locking out the elbows at the top.
  7. Pause at the top of the movement and then cast the bag away by flicking the wrists forward, let the bag to swing across the body keeping your arms straight and repeat the movement.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: The bag slamming the back of the arms at the top of the movement.
Correction: Punch up hard and fast.