The Bulgarian Bag Rotational Snatch & Lunge is another tricky one to master. To make it easier break it down into two steps. Step 1 is to snatch the bag overhead; step 2 is to perform a lunge with the bag overhead. Once you can do this, put the two movements together and snatch the bag overhead whilst you perform the lunge.

Teaching Points

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with the bag resting against the outside of one of your legs and the main handles pointing upwards.
  2. Hinge the hips whilst keeping your chest proud and core braced, your torso should be at a 30–45-degree angle with your knees slightly bent.
  3. Grab the bag by the main handles keeping your shoulders packed down and a straight line between crown and coccyx.
  4. Keep your arms locked out and swing the bag back past the outside of the legs absorbing the force into your hips.
  5. Drive the hips forward with a powerful hip drive, as your hips come into extension initiate the pull by drawing back the elbows.
  6. Once the bag reaches eye level punch up hard and let the bag roll over onto the back of your wrists, extend your elbows to lock out your arms whilst you simultaneously step forwards into a lunge.
  7. Initiate the drop by flicking the wrists forward, whilst you simultaneously drive down hard through the heel and squeeze the glutes.
  8. Let the bag swing on the outside of the opposite leg.
  9. Repeat the movement.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Not have your arms in the extension during the lunge.
Correction: Extend the triceps and lock out your arms.