The Bulgarian bags unique design makes it perfect for swinging laterally. There are two types of side swing, the Low to high and the high to high. I’ll be demonstrating both in the accompanying videos.

Teaching Points
1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with the bag resting against your legs and the main handles pointing upwards.
2. Hinge the hips whilst keeping your chest proud and core braced, your torso should be at a 30–45-degree angle with your knees slightly bent.
3. Grab the bag by the main handles keeping your shoulders packed down, arms locked out and a straight line between crown and coccyx.
4. Keep your core braced and your spine neutral throughout the movement.
5. Swing the bag laterally just outside of one leg, rotate the thoracic so your midline stays centred to the bag.
6. Focus on the opposite hip sway, so as the bag swings to the left of your body, counter the movement by swaying your hip to the right.
7. Powerfully driving the hips forward at a 45-degree angle, as the bag passes the front of the body at the bottom of the swing, charge your weight in the opposite direction to counter the weight.
8. Note: It’s the hip drive back and forth that powers the bag to move laterally, we’re not trying to swing the bag through our shoulders.
9. The bag will swing laterally up and down in a straight line, move your body around the bag (not vise versa).
10. Stop the bag when it reaches shoulder height at the top.

Common Problems & Solutions
Error: Trying to swing the bag with your arms.
Correction: This movement is a hip hinge similar to the swing, power the movement with your hips not your arms.

1. Side Swing (High To High)