The Bulgarian bag side swing to high park is the second progression and teaches the position the bag must travel through in the top part of the spin. The difference between this movement and the first progression is that the elbows and hands finish high. The bag will hang behind the shoulder girdle which will open up the chest and shoulders and challenge the grip. Be careful not to excessively flare through the rib cage or arch through the lumbar spine whilst in the top position.

Teaching Points

  1. Place the bag on the floor in front of you resting up against your legs and the main handles pointing upwards.
  2. With your feet shoulder width apart, hinge the hips and grab the bag by the main handles placing your thumb into the thumb crease, drive your hips forward and stand tall.
  3. Charge your weight to one side and simultaneously swing the bag in the opposite direction keeping your elbows straight.
  4. Swing the bag across the front of the body, keeping your head straight and at the top of the upswing whip your bottom arm around the back of your head like you’re performing a halo and immediately extend the elbows so that the bag hangs between the back of the shoulders.
  5. Reverse the movement by lifting the bag off of the shoulders and casting it laterally back into the side swing.
  6. Perform the exercise for time or reps then repeat the movement on the other side. 

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Excessive flaring of the ribcage or extension of the lumbar spine during the top part of the movement.
Correction: Engage the abdominal muscles and keep your core locked in tight.

Error: Moving your head around the bag.
Correction: Keep your head straight at all times.