Quick tip on how to use Bulgarian Bag Straps, you might be wondering what they are?

You don’t want to be pulling, pressing or swinging with these or they’ll rip right off.

They are to support your grip when you’re holding onto the main handle doing swinging and spinning type of movements.

The Bulgarian bag is a fantastic tool for building grip strength as you have to actively engage the forearm flexors to stop the bag from slipping through your grip.

But.. when your hands get sweaty or if your grip becomes fatigued – you want to make sure you don’t let go of the bag mid flight.

So here’s how you use them…

You don’t want this stitching facing up otherwise the straps won’t be tight enough.

With the logo and stitching facing down, wrap these little straps around the main handle, you can go inside or outside of the handle – I find I get a better grip if I go inside the handle.

Then hold onto the main handles and you’re good to go!

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