What do you think about going through intense bootcamp exercises on your lunch break? That’s exactly what the employees of Capricornian committed to two times a week for 5 weeks.

A lot of people can’t find the time to work out during work days and are feeling too tired during the weekends to sign up for any fitness program. This is what Vector Health had in mind when they decided to give a lunchtime fitness bootcamp a trial run. Capricornian was the first to give it a test drive.

The bootcamp can be the employee’s “fun time”

The bootcamp can be the employee’s “fun time”

According to Vector Health’s Athletic Department director, Genn Hansen, Lunchtime Bootcamps can greatly benefit an office worker. Here are some of the benefits that he mentioned:

Benefits Of Lunch Time Bootcamp

1.High Intensity Workouts Will Boost Endorphins

When subjected to rigorous exercise, our bodies release what we call endorphins which cause us to feel good. Employees would be able to go back to their work with renewed enthusiasm and may even produce better results in their tasks.

2.The bootcamp can be the employee’s “fun time”

The office atmosphere can sometimes be filled with too much busy-ness, stress and tension due to deadlines, client complaints, meetings, campaigns and events. Taking some time off from all of that and focusing on something else for several minutes can relax you and prepare you to go back to work with better focus and objectivity.

3.It’s a chance for time poor people to exercise

Time poor people refers to people who either have bad time management skills, or those who simply have too much responsibilities on their shoulders that they almost have no time to breathe.
A lot of these people come home to more responsibilities. A bootcamp scheduled at lunch time can be a productive way for them to spend their spare time.

Here’s the main article on The Morning Bulletin:

Capricornian Gives Lunchtime Bootcamp A Trial Run

Employees at The Capricornian are the first to test out the new lunchtime bootcamp.

Tanya Wright and her colleagues didn’t mind the first session, despite being a bit sore.

“It’s really good; it makes it easier to get through a day’s work.”

If you feel that you’re less productive at the office, perhaps what you need is a good set of high intensity workouts. Signing up for a bootcamp would be a good way to go.

Sometimes, all you really need is a jumpstart on a good fitness plan. Show up once and you just might find yourself showing up every single time. Register for our Sydney bootcamps and get that body movin’ towards a healthy, more productive lifestyle.