You Can Increase Your Fertility by Doing Exercises

Have we ever given enough consideration to the idea that exercise can have an effect on our fertility levels? Many of us would certainly answer this thought in negative. Since exercise is usually linked to the fact that it is going to offer benefits to our body, and thus it is for sure will boost out fertility levels, as well. Often, exercising excessively or perhaps exercising too less can certainly hinder an individual’s chances of getting pregnant. We must draw a line and keep the proper balance.

Women that exercise too much lowers their chances of becoming pregnant because they shed lots of body fat, which is important in the hormone production called estrogen. Women that have low levels of estrogen have difficulty to ovulate on a regular basis. Amenorrhea could be another effect for exercising too much since a woman with this particular syndrome stops getting her period altogether.

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Increase Fertility with Exercise
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Men’s fertility levels turn out to be vulnerable, as well, whenever they will over-exercise. The temperature in the testicles increases and when this happens, the sperms find the state very unreceptive and can’t survive, and this will significantly lower the sperm count. Men that have shed lots of weight as a result of exercising have the tendency to produce sperms that have a low rate of motility, and in some cases, their morphology is altered.

On the other hand, doing 30 minutes of exercise every day helps us to increase our fertility levels since we are keeping a healthy lifestyle and performing exercises moderately. Getting pregnant becomes a lot easier for those couple who gets some exercise regularly and doesn’t go miles away from a healthy diet.

Based on the statistics, around 12 percent of the infertility cases are due to problems that have to do with weight. Being overweight or obese will surely pose as a problem, in order to get pregnant. In such instances, exercise can help you with the situation. Women that have more body fat possess a higher estrogen level, which as a result, has a harmful effect on menstrual periods and ovulation. To get your ideal weight, you have to exercise regularly and watch your diet. Exercise is a terrific way to shed those excess pounds if you are obese or overweight. And when you need to put on weight, certain exercise routines can help you do that, as well.

Furthermore, stress is a big part of our lives and getting away from it is hardly visible to all of us. However, stress isn’t good news for those who want to conceive since it lowers the fertility levels. The best way to combat stress is by exercising. When you exercise, endorphin hormones are released in the body, which can make you feel more relaxed and calm. Exercise boosts overall physical and mental health. Through exercise, you can absolutely boost your fertility. It can function both as an advantage or bane for us; therefore, it is our task to use it in a way that it only reaps benefits to our fertility levels.

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Several forms of exercises are encouraged if you like to boost your fertility. You can also Pilates, swimming, cycling, walking, and yoga. Keep in mind that whenever you exercise, moderation is extremely important. Never over-exercise because this causes strain on your joints and muscles. Stick with a low impact workout routine since this will probably be less stressful to your muscles and joints. It is suggested that to boost your fertility, you have to exercise for around 30 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week. Start exercising today to boost your fertility.

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