Relieve Neck Pain with Exercise

Neck pains usually lead to relative pain that has effects on an individual’s health, mood, as well as social interactions. All of these pains and discomforts could be the result of various factors like bad posture, joint or bone abnormalities, tumors, trauma, or perhaps muscle strain. Even though it is vital that you discuss the discomfort or pain in this particular area with a health care provider such as a chiropractor or a doctor, there are easy and simple neck exercises that you can do to ease the pain.

Simple Neck Exercise to Relieve Neck Pain

Simple Neck Exercise to Relieve Neck Pain

To achieve proper stance, you have to do a few traction workouts. This involves tilting backward, performing a bit of left-right nodding action that will impact the deep flexor muscles within the area. By applying simple workouts, your damaged muscles that cause decreased mobility will be strengthened to have much better performance.

A simple exercise that you can do also is the side resistance. This particular exercise is made to improve the muscles effectively and safely through the use of basic isometric movements. When standing, you will place your right hand on the top right part of your head, and your head should tilt off to the right, using the right hand giving minor resistance. Hold this position for around 10 seconds and repeat on both sides as much as desired.

Moreover, you can do arm circles, as well. While you are standing, both of your arms will be held out stretching out to both sides until they’re parallel down. From that position, both of your arms are rotated forward for 10 times in small circles. The movement is then repeated for another 10 times in the opposite direction. This workout will help boost mobility and enhance blood circulation.

Yet another effective workout to ease neck pain is the back tilt. It is designed to boost decreased mobility and improve the muscles. As you are sitting in a chair with your back straight and your feet flat on to the floor, raise up your head as far backwards as it could reach while not causing much pain. Hold this position for around 10 seconds before tilting your head down, with your chin reaching your chest. Do this for another 10 seconds. Take a couple of seconds to hold your head in a normal position and then perform the entire process again.

In addition, doing head rotations is yet another simple and easy workout you can do to relieve neck pain. In a standing position, with your knees bent slightly and your arms down at your sides, turn your head clockwise slowly and gradually without causing too much pain. Do this for around 10 seconds, or you can do 10 reps, after that, turn counter-clockwise.

You can also try some exercises to help relieve neck pain that are listed in the article of Chris Zdeb of Edmonton Journal.

Getting Rid Of Neck Pain – Things You Must Know To Alleviate Neck Pain 

Fitness tip: Exercise to relieve a persistent pain in the neck

“Easy and exercise in the same sentence is an oxymoron, but that’s just what the 90/90 position is.

People have been putting their feet up when they relax, for years, but here’s a simple exercise that involves putting the feet up and getting instant relief for pain or discomfort.

All you have to do is lie on your back with legs elevated on an ottoman, chair, couch or coffee table, and bent at a 90-degree angle at the hip and knee joints. Knees and ankles should be aligned with the hips. Gravity will do the rest, says personal fitness trainer Kevin Murray, who specializes in working with people who have pain.”

Taking good care of each and every part of your body is essential as discomfort and pain can significantly affect the way an individual performs his daily activities. In doing neck exercises, you can ease common discomfort and pains effortlessly while enhancing stance and allowing your muscle to repair. If ever the pain still persists, do consult your doctor.

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