Can Shirts Take Over Personal Training?

Admittedly, the computer age has brought in some really amazing products; some of them are very useful in our pursuit for fitness. What’s amusing is that there is now a suggestion that personal training can soon be done without a human being because some rad shirt has been invented to take his place.

Thermochromatic Shirts Are Great Personal Training Tools But Can't Take The Place Of Your Personal Trainer

Thermochromatic Shirts Are Great Personal Training Tools But Can’t Take The Place Of Your Personal Trainer

A Pennsylvania-based fitness apparel company recently introduced a “thermochromatic” shirt which they claim will put personal trainers out of work.  Radiate Athletics had invented a shirt that you wear when you work out. A change of color in the areas that have already been worked on will happen, which in turn will tell you which areas of your body you’ll still need to target during your exercise session.

Sounds good, right? Who doesn’t want to take out the personal training budget and cut down on expenses?

But shirts cannot take the place of your personal trainer. It will not be able to calculate and assess your fitness capability so that the appropriate workout will be designed for you. It will not be able to demonstrate proper posture and neither will it answer to emergencies should something needs responding to.

Human Personal Trainers Are Still Useful

Fitness Technology is great. Devices to count heart rates and personal training apps can assist your workouts. And shirts such as this one can be a great addition to these exercise gears that you use. But it shouldn’t be assumed that with all these available technology, that a personal trainer can already be dismissed.

Certified Personal Trainers gain knowledge, training and experience for a reason. They go through all the trouble of testing and assisting other trainers first before taking on their own clients because the main objective here is to protect people from getting hurt; injuries happen left and right.

Here’s the article on the shirt published by

Personal Trainers, Obsolete?

Your personal trainer might soon be obsolete. West Chester, Pennsylvania-based Radiate Athletics has created a thermochromatic workout shirt — the Radiate shirt — that can show you how effective your workout is.

Here’s a video demo of the shirt.

Personal Training Shirt

Knowing whether your workout had been successful is one thing, this shirt will really be very helpful; but to abandon human assistance in personal training is not wise. Lifting weights and serious workouts will always need the masterful watch of an expert, not unless you already are one, yourself.

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