Battling Rope Exercises are strength training and body conditioning workouts using heavy ropes, most commonly at about 5, 10 or 25 meters long. The more popularly used rope styles are at 25 and 44 mm.

The weight of the ropes makes the workouts challenging as it takes a level of effort to be able to move and control them. Core power and stability are easily developed through this exercise as a person doing this will need to use his real-time  strength to be able to move the rope line.

Battling Rope Exercises Are Full-Body Strength Training And Conditioning Workouts

Battling Rope Exercises Are Full-Body Strength Training And Conditioning Workouts

Along with core development is the increase of grip strength and a build up of upper body endurance and stamina.

Because of the amount of effort exerted, battling rope exercises are also effective for calorie burning and weight loss. If you are experiencing a plateau in your workout plan, inclusion of battling rope exercises can help raise the intensity of your exercise and break through that plateau.

Top 3 Battling Rope Exercises

The three most popular battling rope moves are the Battling Rope waves, the Battle Rope Slams and the Battling Rope Pulls.

Battling Rope Waves

Battling Rope Waves are great for the arms and the shoulders. To do a wave, grip the ends of the rope with your hands from beneath, elbows bent at waist level. Raise your arm and slam down to create the waves. You can also do alternate waves.

Battling Rope Slams

Battling Rope Slams are excellent in developing and increasing the strength of the core. The difference is that in this workout, you will need to slam on the ropes every single time.

Battling Rope Pulls

Battling Rope Pulls will require you to pull the ropes towards you as quickly as you can.

It develops and builds the strength in the arms and the shoulders.

Every Battling Rope workout must be done in 20 to 40 minutes with 20 to 60 second intervals.

Here’s a video demonstrating Battling Rope Exercises:

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