Fitness has become more than just a health regimen, it has become a lucrative business for entrepreneurs, as well. More and more people are willing to put in good money to get in tiptop shape and ideas on presenting exercise to the market just keep getting more creative.

One of the hottest trends in fitness nowadays is the group indoor cycling classes, very popular among the celebrities.

Indoor Cycling has its fitness pros and cons

Indoor Cycling has its fitness pros and cons

Indoor cycling classes are cardiovascular exercises mostly done on the stationary bikes provided by the studios for their enrollees. Workout routines with bars, resistance bands and dumbbells are incorporated with cycling with the fitness coach’s voice rising above the music as he instructs and motivates the class.  Yoga and Pilates are also now being used by some studios to cap these spinning classes.

Indoor Cycling is a good workout, but just like any exercise, it has its set of pros and cons.

Fitness Pros and Cons of Indoor Cycling

Fitness Pros

  1. It’s adaptable for any fitness level.
  2. Indoor cycling can develop your calves, hamstrings, hips, abs and quadriceps and other muscle groups of your lower body.
  3. It’s great for fat-burning, burning an average of about 500 calories for every workout session.
  4. Cycling affects the blood circulation of the body and improves the condition of your heart and lungs.
  5. It is said to have positive effects on your sleeping habits.
  6. It can increase the density of your bones.

Fitness Cons

  1. Cyclists may experience pelvic pain, chafing, and back pains.
  2. Possible urogenital disorders such as erectile dysfunction and numbness.
  3. Although the routines include movements of the upper body, it may still be limited compared to the amount of workout that the lower body is getting.
  4. Unless you are exclusively enrolled to one instructor, you may find yourself working out under another coach whose level of expertise may not satisfy your standards.
  5. It can get boring after a while since you’ll be confined in one space, in one bike, in the middle of other cyclists. Opportunities for variation are little to non-existent.

Kelly On Cycling Fitness

Indoor cycling is good for warm-up and for fat burning and may work for certain types of people. People like celebrities and corporate individuals who may not have that much time in their hands to invest on a fitness plan.

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