Kelly Osborne’s must be one of the most amazing weight loss testimonies that’s ever graced the television screen. This girl was once, as she admittedly had been described for years, “fat”, “chubby” and “cherubic”. But now, she sports a 112 lbs for her 5”2 frame and she looks fantastic.

The most admirable part about Osborne’s body transformation is that she did not go through any weight loss surgery; Kelly Osborne worked with a personal trainer to burn the fats, once and for all.

Do what's necessary to help yourself stick to your Weight Loss Workouts

Do what’s necessary to help yourself stick to your Weight Loss Workouts

In December 2011, Kelly Osborne was cover girl for Shape Magazine where she revealed how she fought for her weight loss in her own way. She dressed up in cute outfits, put on makeup when she goes to the gym, brought her girlfriends to work out with her, she did whatever it took to help herself go back and exercise again and again and not give up.

Kelly said something that made total sense when it comes to weight loss. She pointed out that fun is an important element in the process, “otherwise, nobody wants to do it.”

Kelly Osborne admitted to binging on chips, cookies and sodas all day and finding herself easily exhausted when doing physical activities. When she gained back 4 of the 20 pounds that she had lost during a stint with Dancing with the Stars, she knew that a change of lifestyle was in order.

That’s the best way to start on a fitness regimen, to decide on changing your lifestyle. The rest would have to be committing to it 100%  and fighting to stick to it when your defenses are going down. It’s so much easier to give in when you’re around tempting foods. You see them and you smell them almost anywhere you go. The most effective workouts for weight loss are quite challenging, too. But once you start seeing results, the process becomes more acceptable for you.

Watch Kelly Osborne’s interview:

Having Personal Trainers around is great, we highly recommend it; but at the end of the day, your weight loss is on you. It’s your decision and it’s your responsibility. No Personal Trainer, no matter how skilled or popular he may be, can cause you to lose weight; it’s you who’s going to have to work on it. The good news is that all your hard work will pay off and will pay off well.

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