Can You Really Lose Weight with the Cookie Diet?

Cravings for foods especially sweets are the main reasons why so many individuals fall off their diet plans. However, what if eating cookies without getting hungry were part of your diet? The Cookie Diet utilizes cookies to encourage those who are dieting into easy weight loss. Besides, what is more tempting than shedding weight while enjoying your favorite treat?

What is the Cookie Diet

The idea of the cookie diet developed by Sanford Siegal, MD is said to have benefitted nearly 500,000 individuals lose weight.

The cookies you would be eating if you were on the cookie diet wouldn’t contain the usual tasty oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies that lots of us may have expected them to be. Even so, the cookies are delicious, although it is a little less sweet. There’s a variety of cookies to choose from such as oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, butterscotch, coconut, and blueberry to mention a few.

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Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet to Help Weight Loss
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Basically, the cookie diet is a low-calorie diet. The cookies are usually high in fiber and protein. Fiber can help you feel full longer. The cookies consist of amino acids that are believed to work as appetite suppressants.

Depending on the variety and brand of cookie, which dieters opt for, they actually consume approximately 6 to 9 cookies during the day. Moreover, they eat a single meal daily. The daily meal must include lean protein and vegetables.

Is the Cookie Diet Healthy?

Before getting into whether or not the cookie diet is healthy, you have to first consult a nutritionist or doctor when you have any concerns regarding the diet.

Since the cookie diet is low in calories, it is essential to check out the nutrients and vitamins to find out if it meets your daily dietary needs.

For those who are busy or those who have a hard time controlling what they consume, meal replacement cookies are definitely a great way to regulate calories and shed weight.

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The Cookie Diet: Can It Actually Result In Weight Loss?

The 5:2 diet, the Maple Syrup diet and the Dukan Diet have not stayed the course with dieters such as myself for a reason – they seem like too much hard work. So when news that Dr Sanford Siegal’s Cookie Diet arrived in the UK – and was reputed to help Jennifer Hudson and Denise Richards lose weight – it sounded like a genius idea.

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Even though the concept of a cookie for a meal seems like a childhood dream; in fact, it might become monotonous eating cookies every single day. And with no regular exercise and guidance to help you to make permanent lifestyle changes, weight loss may creep back.

Though you will probably lose weight quickly, the cookie diets do not have a transitional plan that can help those on a diet return to eating more normally and to keep the weight they lost.

Dietitians suggest that, as soon as you achieve your goal weight, it is best to eat more healthy foods such as  whole grains, nuts, beans, low fat-dairy fruits, and vegetables — of at least 2 daily meals, and depend on meal replacements for one meal each day.

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